full production services for photography, film , commercials & tv on the Island of Ireland.

May 19, 2014


We are a full service production company for photo, tv, documentaries and commercials in Ireland.
Recent photographers & directors include, Andy Glass, Patrizio De Renzo, Sean de Sparango, Georgi Banks Davies, Dewey Nicks, Kevin Griffin, Glen Luchford, Trevor Hart, Sam Hicks, Ben Stockley, Carlos Serrao, Olly Burn, Henrick Halversson, Alex Telfer, Simon Burch, Garry Simpson & Travis Shakespeare.
Our recent clients include, u2, Electric Ireland, Jameson & Guinness. Our services (to name a few) include, budgeting, scheduling,casting, location scouting and location management, production management, carnets and fixers. We service the entire Island of Ireland,,,, from Cork , to Clare, to Galway, to Dublin, to Belfast & beyond......

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