full production services for photography, film , commercials & tv on the Island of Ireland.

Oct 9, 2018

About You

Shoot for AboutYou.de with photographer  Magnus Lechner . All shot in the WEST.  Thanks to all that helped along the way.

Aug 1, 2018

Service Producers

We produce both Stills (photography) and Motion.

Our recent clients include, #vogue #audi #lotto #aerlingus #jameson #guinness & #vodafone.

Our services include #serviceproduction #locationscouts #casting #estimates #crews #fixers #carnets #budgets #equipmenthire & much more.


Jun 27, 2018

Service Producers Ireland

What we do ?

We offer full service production services to film , tv, commercials & photography on the Island of Ireland.  

Established since June 2000, our principle goal is to offer a cost effective means of producing Print, Commercials, Film & Television in Ireland. We have also produced numerous projects overseas including; USA (NY, Boston , LA, Montana), UK , Spain and France. We will cater for all your production requirements from Casting to Craft Service, Equipment Hire to Accommodation, Location Scouting to Management, we make it our business to look after you.  

We offer full service production for film , tv, commercials & photography.

Services include, but are not limited to, research; consulting; production management and coordination; budgeting; scheduling; negotiating contracts; casting; location research, scouting and management; handling of permits and insurance; hiring of crew renting studios and equipment; arranging catering; organizing travel itineraries and ground transportation/logistics; and final invoicing.